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  • Ally Hasche

Electric Metal

Here at WAMCO, we’re consistently working with designers to create light fixtures that serve a greater function than simply providing light to a space. Based on material, design, size, and placement - a light can be the center focus or an accent that provides continuity in a room. We have also been thinking through some exciting moments of WAMCO signature lighting for an upcoming line, so naturally we’re asking ourselves what it can mean to marry aesthetic and function.

The use of light can evoke a range of emotional experiences. It’s a tool used in environments where emotions are meant to create an association with something that we should purchase - retail spaces, casinos, bars. It’s used by visual artists like Dan Flavin and James Turrell to awaken a kind of sensory experience. We’re seeing designers use the combination of light and material to explore the concept of the fixture, an object that if designed well, can not only marry aesthetic and function but also create a feeling.

We’ve highlighted some of our favorite contemporary fixture designs that incorporate light with our favorite material, (can you guess?) metal.

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