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  • Kacy Middleton


Kacy Middleton, the mastermind behind Wayward's patina game, is constantly testing out new concoctions to achieve the many possible finishes that can be applied to metal. This not only gives us a diverse selection to offer our clients, but we can help match finishes to designer samples to give our clients exactly what they are looking for.

There are many tricks to this trade! While you think you might be looking at bronze, it can actually be a patina'd brass that incorporates a brushing technique that transforms the brass to look like bronze. A simple clear coating can transform the color of a raw metal, and a polishing can turn a gold brass into an almost white species.

Treating metal in unique ways is standout part of Wayward's practice. Because we have a patina nerd on board, we also offer a variety of colored and texture patina's like our favorite teal that made a big appearance in the recent opening of Beatnik on Chicago and Ashland.

As of today, we're premiering our sample library in a PDF format that clients and the general public can access for the production process and specifying details regarding fabrication. It includes not only a variety of sizes and forms of the various metals we work with, but also houses our patinas and a collection of wired mesh and perforated steel.

You can find the link to our library here:

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