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  • Kacy Middleton

Press For Champagne

Don't call it a come back, its been here for years. Brass has been a material often used throughout design history and it took a strong hold of 2017 and its digging its feet in 2018.

We were recently presented with an awesome opportunity to fabricate solid brass Champagne buttons for a new cocktail lounge at the Palazzo in Las Vegas. The very swanky hot spot has been beautifully titled "Rosina" and features almost more brass than one person can handle all in the vein of an Art Deco time hop. The glitz and glamor of this new space is topped off with rose colored everything.

This project was our first taste of working with a 3D modeler and brass casting and has opened up the floodgates for similar projects.

These brass buttons arn't just for show, they work.

Press For Champagne and your wishes are granted.

They light up.

We had a ton of fun with this project and are looking forward to similar ones in the future.

Interested in talking with us about a project? Shoot us a message here!

(Completed Champagne button)

(Buttons fresh from casting)

(Emily cleaning up any rough edges with a file)

(A fresh button from the polisher)

(Kacy adding the black center and patina)

(Finished button details)

(Finished button details)

Wayward Machine Co

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