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  • Kacy Middleton

Aged and Etched Brass Menu Cases, Fabricated by Hand

Located in the Palazzo in Las Vegas hides Rosina, a sexy cocktail bar serving handcrafted classics and champagne at the push of a button.. our button!

Our latest collaboration with Rosina features 60 handcrafted brass menu cases.

The fabrication was long and tedious, and definitely required a lot of attention through out the many different steps and processes these little cases underwent. Nonetheless, we are so proud to present them to Rosina!

The first step required us to collaborate with Sundstrom Pressed Steel Company for stamping. We got to tour their super old shop, which has been in operation since 1922! Once the stamping process gave the halves of the cases their shape (the curved lips around the edges), it was time to cut and file the piano hinges that would hold the halves together.

Finally, our team then welded all the pieces together. This was tedious work, as the alignment had to be absolutely perfect. We also fabricated tabs to hold the menu papers in place and a notch on each menu for easy opening.

Then, it was time to patina. The designer requested an aged brass look, so we used a custom mixture from Sculpt Nouveau to create the antique finish. Finally, we sent the order of 60 cases to be etched with the Rosina emblem backed by a decadent Gatsby-like pattern.

We can't wait to see photos of the menus in the space. Stay tuned, we'll be sharing!

For now, here's a pic of Bobby showing the cases to prized metal fabricator Fay Butler, who stopped in the shop for a lovely visit.

Have a great weekend!

-Wayward Machine Co Team

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