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  • Kacy Middleton

Floating Steel Staircase

Our first floating steel staircase is in the books!

When Chicago interior design firm

Studio K asked us to create this whimsical stair design for their new lobby, we were compelled to oblige. This job (completed back in July) was definitely a challenge, but the result was jaw-dropping... That's how we know are growing as artisans; We're pushing our limits, learning new things, and getting the RADDEST projects done!

First, we had to get the design approved by a structural engineer. In order to support the very heavy staircase (and more importantly, the people walking up it everyday), steel beams were necessary. We achieved the "floating" aspect of this design by hiding the beams in an existing wall. This counteracted the weight of the staircase.

The zig zags you see below are the stair stringers, which make up the inside structure of the stairs themselves. When we posted photos of these stringers on Instagram, many of our followers told us they hoped we were going to keep them exposed! And while that wasn't apart of this scheme, we agree exposed stringers could make for a very interesting design.

Finally, the landing, steel treads, steel risers, and steel railings were added, and then all was painted black with industrial paint to ensure longevity. It took a lot of labor, but we are SO proud of this project. Let us know what you think about this staircase below!

See you on Instagram!

-Wayward Machine Co

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