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  • Kacy Middleton

It's all brass for Beatnik!

This is another project that was completed quite some time ago, but we finally had our photographer take proper photos of this space, so here we are, making a blog post about one of our favorite projects ever, BEATNIK!

If you haven't been to this restaurant in Chicago's West Town, its is 1,000% worth feasting your eyes (and bellies!) upon. The posh space is filled with globe-trotting decor and is the setting for New American fare & cocktails. It often hosts DJs and other live performers to make your experience extra memorable. Every square inch of this space is loaded with rich details and luxurious furnishings. We are proud to have contributed a number of major players in the design scheme.

One of our show stoppers you see immediately upon entering Beatnik includes the set of overhead bar shelving pieces made of brass (that also double as mood lighting). They were specially aged and patinated to look as though they have withstood many years and a leaky ceiling. This is a design detail we were thrilled to execute... We are in love with the drips!

Directly below is the brass bar top we fabricated. This piece is extra custom! Because brass sheets come in standard sizes and the bar is very long, there was no way for us to clad the counter without seams. To make the seams less of a necessary evil and more of a design element, we transformed them into puzzle-piece-like edges, designed by us. Then, we hand nailed the nailhead details around the edges. Combined with the aging process brass is destined to undergo, this bar top has such a one of a kind, antiqued, and handmade feel.

We also fabricated two brass drink rails with custom water-jet cut out designs, as well as a floating brass shelf that bends with the contours of the wall it's mounted to (see below). As you can see, the shelf is styled to perfection with a row of potted succulents and romantic candles.

The final item we fabricated are two foot rails with ornate details.

Have you been to Beatnik and been inspired by the elegant decor? What was your favorite feature we created for the space? Let us know below!

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-Wayward Machine Co

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